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am: 29. August 2002 um 19:40
Aya ist eine japanische Rockmusikerin, die ihr neues Album unter anderem mit Matt Cameron, Kim Thayil, John McBain und Krist Novoselic aufgenommen hat. Die Platte heist: "A flower in the battlefield". Hier ein kleiner Auszug ihrer Homepage:

In December 2000, Aya went to Seattle and did her recording at "Studio X" which is known to have created hits for the 3 major Seattle bands who made history in the rock scene, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. Adam Kasper invited top Seattle star musicians to create the "ideal" sound for Aya including one of the best rock drummer, Matt Cameron (ex Soundgarden, currently with Pearl Jam), Kim Thayil from Soundgarden known for his distinct guitar sound,John McBain the left-handed bass/guitar player from Monster Magnet and Glenn Slater the keyboard player from The Walkabouts. Each one of them, like Adam, fell in love with Aya's music.

In June 2001, Aya re-visited Seattle to record her album where they all met again but this time adding Krist Novoselic, the bass player from Nirvana who Aya had admired for a long time.

An amazing album with the unprecedented participation of members from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden all working together on Aya's recording was created. This all proves the genuine quality of Aya's talent as a songwriter, an arranger and a vocalist. Another aspect that cannot go unsaid is her talent for writing lyrics. Most of her lyrics are in Japanese but the pure and traditional sensibility blends in with her wild and dangerous, so called "western" inner part making it possible for her songs to reach a vast audience. Japanese journalists often comment "The dirty,wild part comes out in her aggressive tracks but at the same time, the loneliness can be seen in her ballads,both in the lyrics and the way she sings. In one word, she is incredibly pure and honest to her emotions"

Aya is a girl who a decade ago enlightened by US 90's grunge and alternative blossomed into a rock artist who now creates her own songs with great originality. Her past pains and suffering are trans-expressed into songs. Aya is a rarity. She is a real rocker who possesses the talent of a world class artist. At the same time, she is quiet, shy and charming.

That's Aya.

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Antwort #1 am: 08. Dezember 2002 um 18:28
ich hab das album. es rockt auf alle fälle.......manchmal wirkt es ein bisschen belanglos. aber die stimme macht auf jeden fall viel wieder gut. und der aspekt, dass sie auch öfter mal japanisch singt, macht das album auf jeden fall interssant. hat man ja nicht oft, dass man mal rockband japanisch singen hört. (odr kennt jemand ne japanische rockband
ich finde das album jedenfalls exotisch.
"...fuck your short memory!..."


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Antwort #2 am: 13. Oktober 2004 um 06:54
also ich habe a flower in the battlefield am samstag bekommen und muss sagen,das ich positiv überrascht bin.
das ganze album gefällt mir sehr gut,verdammt gut sogar.
ayas stimme ist in ordnung,die cameron,mcbain und thayil wissen selbstversändlich auch zu überzeugen.
die soli sind teilwiese der hammer,wie zb. bei king of pain.
auch die etwas ruhigeren stücke wie die nr.4 sind sehr schön,vor allem weiß heir cameron zu gefallen.