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16.11.2013 - Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK

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Main Set: Wash, Sometimes, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Lightning Bolt, Mind Your Manners, Do The Evolution, Animal, Let The Records Play, MFC, In Hiding, Even Flow, Sirens, Whipping, Unthought Known, Immortality, Infallible, Wishlist, Rearviewmirror
Encore 1: Just Breathe, Yellow Moon, Parting Ways, Jeremy, Supersonic, Satan’s Bed, Porch
Encore 2: Last Kiss, State Of Love And Trust, Black, Alive, Baba O’Riley, Yellow Ledbetter
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PJ - 11/306/121 - 96 Zürich - 00 RaR - 07 München - 10 Berlin - 12 Berlin² - 14 Amsterdam² Berlin - 18 Berlin - 22 Zürich - 24 Berlin 1
EV - 1/27/27 - 19 Düsseldorf

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01. Wash
02. Sometimes
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Lightning Bolt-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
05. Mind Your Manners-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
06. Do The Evolution
07. Animal
08. Let The Records Play-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”

(Ed asks the audience if they are doing okay, after an extended cheer Ed turns to Jeff and jokes, “See Jeff, I told you we should play here more often.” Ed says that when they were driving into the city there was a big sign that says “Welcome to Oklahoma City. Home of the Oklahoma Thunder”. Ed asks Jeff, “do you suppose this is always here or are they trying to rub it in?”. Ed notes that he did say something vulgar and attached it the the Thunder. “It was early in show and I remember it so I can’t blame the wine. We will get into it later, I promise. Now here is a a little MFC for OKC.”)

09. MFC
10. In Hiding
11. Even Flow

(Ed introduces the band. Notes that the last time they played in Oklahoma was ten years ago and the time before that was ten years prior, “so we are going to play a lot of songs because you might not see us until 2023.” He then jokes that it is going so well they might see them next summer.
He also mentions the benefit for tornado victims that Kings Of Leon put on earlier in the year. Ed said, “We were thinking about you..I wasn’t thinking about this for the next song but it might apply, it is called ‘Sirens’.”)

12. Sirens (with sing along outro)-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
13. Whipping
14. Unthought Known
15. Immortality

(“You know, when I was younger we called the thing a drummer sits on a stool or chair but that isn’t what they call it. They call it a throne. I could never figure it out. Why a throne? Then I met Matt Cameron and it made sense. Matt you are the king!”)

16. Infallible-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”

(“I would like to dedicate this to this man and his family, Colonel John Mcdonough.”)

17. Wishlist
18. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 1
(“well, we are all set up so I guess we can keep playing...It is always nice to see young kids up front because it means it is safe here. But I should check with their parents. Do you guys need to go to bed? Because if you do we could stop in about ten minutes. You gotta get good grades. I never went to college. You kids don’t want to turn out like me. Jeff went to college. He sticks it in my face constantly. Mike went to pizza making college. He is always sticking that in my face. I won’t tell you what Stone is always sticking in my face...Stone went to art school so he will always be the grooviest out of all of us.”
Ed notices a woman up front asking for his attention. She wants to propose her fiancé. Ed says, “Well, we don’t usually do this but usually it is a man proposing to a woman so I guess we can make an exception.” The woman asks the guy to come up by her and she asks him to marry her. He accepts.
Ed says, “We are gonna change up the set list. This is for you, ‘Just Breathe’.”)

19. Just Breathe
20. Yellow Moon-from the new album “Lightning Bolt”
21. Parting Ways
22. Jeremy

(A Seattle Sonics jersey gets thrown on stage and Jeff puts it on. Ed likens what happened to have a long time girlfriend who leaves you and gets married to someone else. “You wouldn’t like her new husband would you? The people we should really be mad at are Sacramento...but if you have been to Sacramento then you know those people are already sort of fucked..What I will stand by is Howard Schultz. Fuck Howard Schultz...wait, I can do without coffee but they sell records at Starbucks don’t they?”

23. Supersonic

(“This song is for Sacramento.”

24. Satan’s Bed
25. Porch
(During “Porch” Stone bumps against the globe light with his guitar and pushes it around, bouncing it off his strings. Ed swings from a globe and sings the end of the song)

Encore Break 2

(Ed says we are gonna play the next song to the back. “We have had an opening band on these two shows and we want to thank Midlake. They are great.
We also have someone who has worked for us for twenty years. His name is Pete and his wife and her father are here tonight and we just want to thank Big Pete for taking care of us. We lean on him all the time and he keeps us safe. Thanks.”

26. Last Kiss-(Cochran)
(“The first time we ever toured we didn’t have a name we went under Mookie Blaylock. Hey, I am having a problem on stage is there a bottle of wine should I have. As a the person brings Ed his wine Ed says, “This is Simon. He is Irish so he can get you a bottle of wine very quickly...So, when it looked like Mookie might not want us using his name we thought about changing it to ‘Daron Oshay’, which is Mookie’s real name.” The crowd doesn’t react much. Ed continues, “I thought you would like that because he was from the University of Oklahoma. Anyway on that first tour this is a song we would play.”

27. State Of Love And Trust
28. Black
29. Alive
30. Baba O’Riley
31. Yellow Ledbetter
PJ - 11/306/121 - 96 Zürich - 00 RaR - 07 München - 10 Berlin - 12 Berlin² - 14 Amsterdam² Berlin - 18 Berlin - 22 Zürich - 24 Berlin 1
EV - 1/27/27 - 19 Düsseldorf