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PJ Argentinien! Besuch Deutschland!
« am: 06. Januar 2016 um 15:15 »

erstens: ich hab' Deutsch viele Jahre gelernt, aber es ist für mich immer noch zu schwierig auf Deutsch zu schreiben! Also, wenn ihr mir das erlaubt, werde ich auf Englisch schreiben! Ihr könnt einfach auf Deutsch antworten!!

Ok! I'm not entirely sure where to post it, hopefully this is the right place! I'm one of the moderators of Pearl Jam Argentina, the biggest PJ fanclub community of South America (almost 25.000 fans in facebook!).

You can find us here:

As you know, Pearl Jam played last november in Argentina for the 4th time, and as usual it was awesome!! We have some "secret" pictures, as we were there for the soundcheck...  :) :) :) :)

("Ni una menos" is an argentine campaign against violence to the women)

PJ has a really nice relation with our country, their first show here was in 2005 (two magic nights, if you can find the bootleg of 25/26 November, 2005 I really recommend it!! Ed cried that night in I Believe in Miracles, when he dedicated the song to his late friend Johnny Ramone)

So, The community is always growing and there are lots of grunge fans in our region (not only PJ), so it's really fun to be in Buenos Aires right now! We organize regularly "Grunge Parties" in the nicest venues of Buenos Aires (Hard Rock, The Roxy, you name it) where we have awesome live music, and gather with great people (lots of them, these are huge parties!)!

Regarding this, we are paired with definetly one of the best PJ Tributes in America (world-class grunge! :)): Lost Dogs!

You can find them here:

One of their guitarist will be in Germany for 6 months this year in Regensburg, Bayern (march-september), so there's no better chance to organize something between german and argentine PJ fans!! Do you think it'd be possible to organize a few shows in Germany, perhaps with local bands and gather PJ fans from different cities?? We have friends in Berlin, Frankfurt, Würzburg and Regensburg, so those 4 cities could be the start of a "Grunge fest tour"!  :) :) :) :)

So far, the presentation of our community and our friends!! It'd be incredible if we could organize a german-argentine PJ collaboration, of course both ways: there's a huge german community in Argentina! (there're schools and even german cities!)

Thanks for reading and we're open to ideas, we'll definetly visit Germany in 2016 and hopefully get to know you and party!

Viele Grüsse aus dem sonnigen Buenos Aires!

PJ Argentina
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Re:PJ Argentinien! Besuch Deutschland!
« Antwort #1 am: 07. Januar 2016 um 09:20 »
Hi and welcome to the forum. It's a bit quiet here at the moment (and that might be a reason why you didn't get an answer yet).

Unfortunately, I will not be able to help your friend with regard to his endeavor as I am neither close enough (geographically) to the places you named nor will I have the necessary time this year to organise such things. However, I wish him best of luck with his stay in Germany.

It would be nice if you keep us up to date about the events he'll be involved in.
Take care.

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Re:PJ Argentinien! Besuch Deutschland!
« Antwort #2 am: 03. Februar 2016 um 20:35 »
Hallo! Hola!
I'm not German, Austrian nor my native language is German as well. I'm from Brazil and I'm learning German here. So I thought it would be a good thing to practise my German skills by talking about things we all like: Pearl Jam and music!
Very nice to hear from you! I can see, this concert in Argentina was really cool! I was at their concert in Rio and it was very funny! eheh
Saludos! Bis Bald!