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18.09.21 - Sea.Hear.Now Festival, Asbury Park, NJ (USA)

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Main Set: Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Seven O’Clock, Corduroy, Present Tense, Never Destination, Even Flow, Wishlist, Superblood Wolfmoon, Red Mosquito, Daughter/ WMA, Take The Long Way, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Given To Fly, State Of Love And Trust, Better Man/ People Have The Power (Patty Smith cover), Porch
Encore: My City Of Ruins (Bruce Springsteen cover), Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World (Neil Young cover)

Statistik zur Tour 2021 als Google Drive-Dokument >>> Klick hier <<<


Soundcheck: Long Road, The Rising (Bruce Springsteen cover, mit NJ choir), My City of Ruins (Bruce Springsteen cover, mit NJ choir), Dance of The Clairvoyants, Comfortably Numb (PinkFloyd cover), Satan’s Bed, Release, Seven O’Clock, Superblood Wolfmoon

Rob Sweater:
Ist schon bekannt, ob es das Konzert auch bei mugs geben wird? Würde mir die neuen Songs gerne mal live anhören und dafür würde sich das Jahresabo endlich mal lohnen.

Set List
Band On Stage at 8:42
Band Off Stage at 10:44

Vocal quartet on My City Of Ruins is: Joshua Rivers, Jason Rogers, Michelle Rushing, Alexander White

01.  Dance Of The Clairvoyants-(live debut)
02. Quick Escape-(live debut)
03. Seven O’Clock-(live debut)
(Thanks Patty Smith.  Nervous about Covid and playing for the first time in three years.)
04. Corduroy
(introduces Josh Klinghoffer who is playing with the band on this tour)
05. Present Tense
06. Never Destination-(live debut)
07. Even Flow
(Feeling sad about the people we lost.  Mentions Charlie Watts and Norm Macdonald)
08. Wishlist (outro of song is Waiting on a Friend-Jagger, Richards.  played for 46 seconds.  Changes lyric to “wishing on a friend”. )   {{Mid song Ed stops to check on audience.  They pick up and finish the song}
09.  Superblood Wolfmoon-(live debut)
10. Red Mosquito (with Danny Clinch-harmonica)
11.  Daughter/WMA (plays WMA for 2:22)
12. Take The Long Way-(live debut)
13.  Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
14. Given To Fly
15. State Of Love And Trust
(Bruce Springsteen can tell a pretty good story+police ticket)
16. Better Man/People Have The Power-(Smith, Smith) Patty Smith cover.  People have the power lasts 1:31 seconds)
17.  Porch

Encore Break

18.  My City Of Ruins-(Springsteen) with vocal quartet
19.  Alive
20.  Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young) with Lenny Kaye


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