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am: 08. Februar 2003 um 15:18


kids are alright
elderly woman
crazy mary


Soll ne "kickass-show" gewesen sein.
...from the heart of my bottom!

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Antwort #1 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 15:50
Oh, hatte Ed nicht angekündigt, dass auf jedem Konzert LBC gespielt wird?

I think we have a grandios Saison gespielt!

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Antwort #2 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 16:00
Ja, hat er.
Aber er hatte ja auch gesagt, dass er den Mohawk so lange trägt bis die USA keine Leute mehr im Ausland töten...
Darf man wohl nicht immer so ernst nehmen...

Könnte mir auch nicht vorstellen, dass PJ einen Song wirklich auf jedem Konzert spielen.
Würde nicht zur Band passen...

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Antwort #3 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 16:12
Naja, ich erinnere an Corduroy auf der 2000er Tour...
I think we have a grandios Saison gespielt!

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Antwort #4 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 17:01
PJ hat ja auch verlauten lassen im Frühjahr 2003 nach Belgien zu kommen. Daraus wird aber nun scheinbar auch nichts. Also rein von der Glaubwürdigkeit hat die band finde ich etwas gelitten
...from the heart of my bottom!

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Antwort #5 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 18:02
Nur 23 Songs? Ist das nicht etwas wenig?

Und das ankündigen von Konzerten durch irgendwelche Künstler würde ich nicht allzu ernst nehmen. Die wissen meist noch nicht mal, wo sie am nächsten Abend spielen. Ich habe neulich mal ein paar alte Rumor Pits gelesen und wie oft da schon stand, dass sie im nächsten Jahr garantiert nach Australien kommen.... hat dann auch bis 2003 gedauert.
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Karriere beendet.

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Antwort #6 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 19:47
Und ein `kleiner´Konzertbericht:

Yo Jammers
Well the Brisbane first concert was the best fucking day of my life - there
are no words to describe it. ;D I'm too wired to go to sleep so we'll post
the setlist, soundchek and a mini-review of the show. First of all, just
wanna say the guys looked really good onstage, extremely pumped!  Ed was
wearing that white shirt with blue pants, and Mike has his hair back to good
ol' bleached blonde, with black shirt and pants. Stone's hair is shaved to
his skull so he looks... different  He had a Red tshirt on, and Matt had
that 'Hate Me' Devil tanktop on I THINK. Haha. They didnt seem to come on
stage with any music in the background, unlike other tours... the place went
BALISTIC when they came onstage, and you could tell they were psyched. Mike
was on fire the whole night, spinning, jumping, and he threw so many pikcs
into the crowd i lost count! Definately one of his *on* nights. Matt was the
machine as usual, great drumming on Green Disease and ofcourse E-Flow. Jeff
was kinda stationary but *very* intense. Stone was lovin it, got a few
duckwalks from him too yeha! Ed was brilliant, his vocals HAVE NOT gone to
shit as some people suggest. He was very *into* the crowd, and mentioned
about how they arent touring NZ this time - youll have to wait for the boot
to hear it  Amazing night, just a spectacular performance - the boot is a
necessity to any PJ fan (not just saying that cos I was there). The energy,
the crowd, the opening songs...... and even though there were only 23 songs,
it seemed fitting for it to end the way it did with Crazy Mary. Trust me -
all Aussie fans and US fans, you WILL NOT be dissappointed whatsoever.

Read on for more detailed info on individual songs:

Soundcheck: Not For You, Last Exit, Habit x 3, SOLAT, more.

Set List: Can't Keep, Don't Go, Save You, Hail Hail, Cropduster, Corduroy, I
Am Mine, Nothing As It Seems, Given To Fly, Green Disease, Even Flow,
Daughter/War, 1/2 Full, Wishlist, Better Man, Black, Blood;
1st encore: Kids Are Alright, Small Town, Bushleaguer, Whipping, RVM;
2nd encore: Crazy Mary

Can't Keep: The biggest roars I've ever heard when PJ took the stage.
Amazing! Extremely intense, will be a great opener for the tour.

Don't Go: LOUD. Awesome transistion from the first song, they just went off.
The crowd was going apeshit, and we were still trying to contemplate whether
it was reality  Cool Mike solo, he's still using his blue guitar for this
one (from TB2K).

Save You: Freakin amazing - its great to see Mike, Stone, and Jeff in tandem
onstage with this one. A few mistakes with lyrics but all is good

Hail Hail: A personal fav, and one I was dying to hear. Ed somehow muffed
the lyrics, and I *think* he put the second verse in the first one and
vice-versa.. I might be wrong, but thats the good thing about the bootlegs

Cropduster: Crunching guits, but not a huge crowd reception. My fav off Riot
Act, so it was great to hear. Mike is all over the stage

Corduroy: MASSIVE crowd reception, as usual. Ed's guitar band broke so he
decided to play on his knee in front of all the Ten Clubbers - great to see
Long solo from Mike, he's jumpin round everywhere!!!!!.

I Am Mine: Ed spoke for the first time prior to I Am Mine, he spoke for ages
Said a heap of stuff about what they did that day (went on a boat out to the
harbour of the Brisbane River) and then mentioned all the huge houses on the
riverfront, and said "You're all spoilt little fuckers, you know that!" The
crowd was so loud! Anyways, just before they started playing he said "This
next ones the first single off Riot Act, and if we fuck it up it wont be the
first time". (If youve heard erlier versions of IAM youll know what Im
talking about  So, fittingly, they begin the song and Ed COMPLETELY fucks
the words to the first line and everyone laughs, and Ed looks kinda
embarrassed :-[ Haha he laughs it off and continues with great applause
(it'll be kickarse on the bootleg hehe!).

NAIS: Great to see live, on of my favs from Binaural. VERY surprisingly, the
only track from Binaural for the whole night. Pretty standard version, but
nothing is really *standard* at your first PJ show

Given To Fly: There was a cool intro to GTF by Ed, but I cant quite remember
what it was... Ofcourse, being my fav PJ song of all time, this moment was
surreal! Awesome crowd singalong too, which is good  Mike is using his black
guit for this one (the one opposite the Save You lyric sheet it the RA
booklet for anyone who wants to know!) Stellar.

Green Disease: WoW!!! Will be a huuuuge favourite, very very good live song.
Just plain great, simple as that! Ed and Mike were jumpin' around havin a
great time.

Even Flow: Well, what can I say! I knew from the moment Mike grapped his
Sunburst LP, and I heard the 3 taps of Matt's cymbol, it was EVEN FLOW!
Amazing song tonite, the crowd goin apeshit. **At this point I would like to
say the crowd was goin apeshit all night** So I dont need to say it again
Huuuuge Mike solo, the crowd clappin him along. Stone gave us some
duckwalks, which is great hehe

Daughter/War: Brilliant version, and as we all know, the un-Pj-educated
portion of crowd all knew this one hehe. EVERYONE raised there arms on the
'rise above' part, and Ed did a 'the shades go down' singalong with the
crowd  He then proceeded to ask us to help him sing the next one, which was
'War' (same as Seattle shows). Great crowd response, will be a good one on
the boot.

1/2 Full: Very powerful and surprisingly LOUD haha. Cool red/purple/green
background on this one. Great stuff.

Wishlist: Ed fucks up lyrics on this one too haha, but its still a good
version. The mirrorball was used to great effect, at the end Ed says "Thanks
for watchin us rehearse for the tour" cos of the fuckups

Better Man: Once again, huuuuuuuuuuuge cheers. Everyone singing along, and a
very extended version - the lyrics "Don't go, go out now, out on me now" or
something, cant quite remember  Very long version, or so it seemed. Awesome

Black: One of my favs for the nite, Stone on acoustic guitar, Boom on keys.
Big singalong once again! Mikes solo is also great, with the crowd singing
"doodododooo" at the end (I think thats how you spell it?!?!) Unreal guitar
work, and just to see these guys combine their talent onstage is incredible.

Blood: !!!!!!!!!!! LOUD and HARD! Thats all I can say, and it looks like
this has finally made it back as a set regular. And by the way - watch out
if they play this one at your show - you may get blown out of the door

1st Encore:
Kids Are Alright: Ed dedicated this to Pete Townshend, and mentions his
recent ordeal. I wont mention the case *again* but I must say Ed was very
sincere with his words. Great boppy tune, lovin it!

Small Town: Big singalong as per normale, with Ed giving us a big wave at
the "hellllllllloooooooo" part  Simply great, perfect for the occasion.

Bushleaguer: Hilarious! Ed donned the old Bush mask, and put a sparkly
silver jacket on too. He put the pask on the mic stand and kicked it
repeatedly, much to the crowds satisfaction  Cool song, just funny watchin
Ed do his thang!

Whipping: There was a mini-improv prior to this one, kinda like the ones for
Habit, but shorter. Very tight version, even though its late in the set.
Kept evryone goin  Good song to hear!

RVM: Ed muffed the opening chords, but the song was still recognisable to us
diehard fans  Our cheer was halted until he started again and we continued
So powerful, I'm still amazed at the power of RVM even 10 years after its
inception. The flashing "please give me a seizure" lights (!) were used like
on 2000 tour  They went off stage again, but we knew theyd be back

2nd Encore:
Crazy May: Some of you will be thinking "Crazy Mary as a closer? Wha?!?!"
But trust me, it was PERFECT! It looks as though Stone is using a acoustic a
lot more, and this song is no exception. I screamed as soon as the first
chord was struck, and the song branched out into a massacre of music.
UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. At the songs peak, Ed grabbed his guitar and jammed
along with them. He then proceeded to give his bottle of wine around to all
the front row fans, similar to Atlanta and Boston 2000.  Absolutley
breathtaking. After the Mike solo and sincere goodbyes, they left the stage
to a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge applause. What a perfect end to a perfect show.
...from the heart of my bottom!

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  • Jetzt ist scho wieder was passiert!
Antwort #7 am: 08. Februar 2003 um 22:18
NEEEIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
ICH WILL AUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
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Antwort #8 am: 09. Februar 2003 um 12:20
Hier gibts noch was über die Show zu lesen

Accept no imitations
Cameron Adams
EDDIE Vedder is perched behind the kind of typewriter you'd see gathering dust in your grandparents' attic.

This particular piece of antique machinery is responsible for all the lyric sheets and correspondence that have adorned Pearl Jam's albums.

And now it's keeping him company in Pearl Jam's rehearsal warehouse in Seattle, while the band welcomes the world into their own little universe.

For a band who made an art out of not playing the rock game (rare interviews, no videos), Pearl Jam are now media whores by comparison.

For the release of their seventh album, Riot Act, they did a week of international media in Seattle and another of American interviews.

There's even a video (albeit a simple live one) for the album's first single, I Am Mine, only their second since 1992's Jeremy (Do the Evolution was animated). And Vedder seems to have done more interviews for Riot Act than he's done in his whole career.

"Oh yeah, I'm real media-friendly now," he dryly states. "I've been showing up at all those award shows, I've just done an episode of Friends. . ."

Yes, forget the moody stereotype, Vedder is funny. But why's he sharing it with the world now?

"Well, for the past three records we've been wanting to wave our arms and let everyone know we made another album," Vedder says.

"There were times, (1996's) No Code for one, I don't even think people knew it was out. We realised we'd thoroughly succeeded at the job of sabotaging the band (laughs). Maybe a bit too much."

But when Vedder talks about sabotaging Pearl Jam, he isn't joking.

"It's something we enjoy doing," he says, citing a musical hero who once told him to aim for a "manageable level of notoriety". "I think we've managed to do that," Vedder says, proudly.

"See, I thought there were songs that were radio hits on the past few albums. We certainly don't promote them.

"We don't make videos, which is probably where a lot of people get their repeated listenings into the hundreds until it's drilled into their heads and they like it whether it's good or not."

Vedder says he has an automatic commercial censor in his head.

"I remember a song we were writing during (2000's) Binaural. It turned into a song called Light Years, but when it started out it absolutely sounded like a hit. So we had to turn it upside down. It has to be challenging to ourselves."

Later, Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament confirms Vedder's not kidding. "Oh, Ed sabotaged a lot of things early on. He'd start singing a song and you'd go, 'Wow' and he'd see you do that and shut down and go, 'OK, let's do something else'."

Rewind 10 years and Pearl Jam mania abounded. Ten, their debut album, sat alongside Nirvana's Nevermind as the bibles of grunge. It and the follow up, 1993's Vs, have sold more than 10 million copies each.

When the band did things their own way (no videos, releasing albums on vinyl before CD, issuing dozens of official bootlegs), the juggernaut kept rolling on.

But in the past five years, their sales have slipped from 11 million US sales of Ten since its release in 1991 to about a million each for their recent releases.

Vedder insists he doesn't care about their sales, high or low.

"Numbers," Vedder chews on the word like a piece of rubber. "If you go the other way and strive for this gigantic popularity, it's a lot of work to keep it up and I don't know how your life is going to turn out when you're striving for that."

Unlike most of the rock bands who came up with them in the early '90s, Pearl Jam have survived. No near-death experiences, no lapse in quality control, no drug scandals.

It was the death of nine fans at a rock festival in Denmark in 2000 that almost shut them down: they'll never play another festival.

"It's hard to explain," Vedder says of the secret of their longevity. "We just kept our heads down and kept focused on making records and trying to keep it as simple as possible.

"We got through it and made some pretty smart decisions. Not that anyone understood them at the time."

Which is a good time to mention the Pearl Jam-alikes who have seemingly come along and made the dumbed-down rock albums selling all the millions Pearl Jam aren't.

"People will say, 'I think I heard this song on the radio, it sounded like you but the words didn't sound like something you'd be singing' – I'm so annoyed about hearing it. The amount I've been hearing about it, I'm over being flattered, I'm over it.

"I also don't want people getting tired of a certain kind of vocal style because it's being overplayed by some other bands. I'd rather people get sick of listening to me than an imitation."

• Riot Act is out now. Pearl Jam play the Brisbane Entertainment Centre tomorrow and Sunday.

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  • I wish... I wish... I wish..I guess I'll never stop
Antwort #9 am: 09. Februar 2003 um 13:46
Hmmm...hat Eddie bei er Show auch irgendwas NICHT ubgefuckt ? ;D
It´s not a movie, no private screening.
This method acting, well, i call that living.
It´s like a fountain, a door has opened.
We have a problem with no solution but to love and to be loved.