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Titel: 20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
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20.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Main Set: Low Light, Release, Rain (Beatles), Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Do The Evolution, Last Exit, Lightning Bolt, Sad, Amongst The Waves, Even Flow, Light Years, I Got ID, Mind Your Manners, Unthought Known, Masters Of War (Bob Dylan), I Am A Patriot (Van Zandt), Daughter/ W.M.A., Jeremy, Better Man/ Save It For Later
Encore 1: Bee Girl, Just Breathe, I Believe In Miracles (Ramones), Let Me Sleep, Inside Job, Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd), Interstellar Overdrive (Pink Floyd), Corduroy, Porch
Encore 2: Go, Black, Surrender (Cheap Trick), Alive, All The Way, Baba O’Riley (The Who)

22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Main Set: Oceans, Footsteps, Off He Goes, Better Man, Corduroy, State Of Love And Trust, Why Go, Animal, Given To Fly, Immortality, Black, Red And Yellow, Deep, Jeremy, I Am Mine, Wishlist, Of The Earth, Lukin, Mind Your Manners, Rearviewmirror
Encore 1: Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters & Collectors), Man Of The Hour, Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran), Got Some, Comatose, Even Flow, Don’t Gimme No Lip, Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys), Blood
Encore 2: Crazy Mary (Victoria Williams), Surrender (Cheap Trick), Alive, All The Way, Time Has Come Today (The Chambers Brothers), Rockin' In The Free World (Neil Young), Yellow Ledbetter, I’ve Got A Feeling (Beatles)

Nordamerika 2016 Setlist-Statistik als Google Drive-Dokument: >>> KLICK <<< (
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: binaural2002 am 18. August 2016 um 19:14
Ob sie alle echt sind? Keine Ahnung. Hab ich grad bei FB gesehen.

Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Rob Sweater am 18. August 2016 um 19:56
Sind alle echt. Oben links (klar als Klausen-Fanboy) und Mitte sind meine Favoriten.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Dercheef am 18. August 2016 um 20:23
Von wem ist das unten rechts? (p.s. Ah, von Joey Feldman) Das oben in der Mitte (Ames?) find ich auch nicht schlecht.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Rob Sweater am 18. August 2016 um 22:36
In der Reihenfolge des Fotos oben:

Brad Klausen, Faile, Ken Taylor
Sean Cliver, Joey Feldman

Ames nicht dabei. Nach fenway ist das auch zu verschmerzen.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
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Pearl Jam
Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL
August 20, 2016
Show One

Walk On Music: Baba O’Riley (Lifehouse Elements version)
Band On Stage: 8:02
Band Off Stage: 11:19

01. Low Light
02. Release
(Ed talks while the song Release starts. He says, “Last time it felt like a once in a lifetime experience. When the lightning hit today I thought we were gonna have the same experience again but it looks like the weather is on our side.” EV looks into the audience for a guy named John. When he spots him he says John was the first in line two…” He sees John show four fingers..”Four days, He lined up four days ago to hear this song. He has been going through some hard times. We wanna help him out so help us sing it..”)
03. Rain-(Lennon, McCartney)
04. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town (Ed asks the audience to “sing this one for Jillian during the sing a long section) Jillian died in an automobile accident. Members of her family are attending the show.
05. Do The Evolution (Mike and Jeff do their guitar picks communion)
06. Last Exit
07. Lightning Bolt (during the intro Ed ask Kille to show him the audience. He then says, “Gutsy move playing this, gutsy! This is a reference to the earlier storms and the previous Wrigley show that was halted for several hours because of weather leading the band to get permission from the city to play past curfew)

(Ed checks on the audience. Makes sure they have enough room. He says they have a lot of time and thanks the venue. He talks about seeing Bruce Springsteen four years ago. He notes that it didn’t storm at Bruce’s show because not even God would throw lightning at Bruce. He relates Bruce’s story about ghosts that was really about all the people who still live in us even though they are no longer near us or with is. Ed says he wishes that those great players and friends and family that have passed could be around to witness the Cub’s season. “But this song specifically goes out to the fantastic Mrs. Fox.”)
08. Sad
(this one is for Lake Michigan on a windy day)
09. Amongst The Waves
(You might not have said hi to him yet but I know you want to. That is Mr. Mike McCready on a Fender Stratocaster)
10. Even Flow
(There is no one like Mike McCready. Make swings his guitar neck (without removing the guitar like a baseball bat. And Matt Cameron is one of kind as well.
Ed mentions that there is something special going on north of us. Ed notes that they know somebody who had worked with The Tragically Hip on a few albums and that Ed got to meet Gordon from the band. He talks about Gordon’s health and how the band heroically decided to go out and tour. He wants the audience to send their positive energy to the Gordon and the band. (The engineer they know is Adam Kasper who worked on a couple of albums with The Tragically Hip and several Pearl Jam albums)
11. Light Years
12. I Got ID
13. Mind Your Manners
14. Unthought Known
15. Masters Of War-(Dylan) (during the instrumental break Mike rubs his Tele against his mic stand and beats it against the ground during the outro. He lays it face down and manipulates his pedals including his wah then he gets up and presses it against his amp and cabinet)
16. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt) {Fast Version with band)
(after the song Ed says he was looking for someone named Kyle Johnson. “Where are you Kyle? I tried to reach you but you weren’t answering your email. If you are here make your way over to the side and show them your military ID. Let’s see if that works..)
17. Daughter/W.M.A tag-(Ed also sings “people leave your guns at home, people leave your guns alone”)
18. Jeremy
19. Better Man /Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling) (Ed sings “ohhhhh,,am I hearing everybody? The audience picks up and sings a sustained “ohhhhhhh” then the song kicks back in. Mike runs laps around his pedal board. Ed says he has spotted a person that he says is the type of person that this song is about. It is not about being a victim. There is this woman down there. Legs can you get her. Ed points out a guy wearing a t-shirt that says Janet Fucking Weiss. She is the drummer for Sleater-Kinney and friend of Matt Cameron. He then spends a few moments teasing a guy with a Whitesnake shirt. Ed hopes it is being worn with a sense of irony but the guy shakes his head no and points at Mike McCready. Ed warns the guy to not blame that shirt on Mike McCready. He teases the guy a little more before he finally gets to the woman he wants to point out. She is wearing a t-shirt that says “unfuckwithable” Ed loves the shirt and sentiment. We should all be unfuckwithable. )

Encore Break One
(Ed chats for a second about where he used to sit. He then gets the audience to do the wave just by cheering. He asks for an “Audio Wave” and the stadium complies. Ed talks about the next song and how it wrote itself. He and Jeff take swigs from Ed’s oversize bottle of wine with a 21 on the label. Jeff takes the first sip and gets some cork. Ed’s sip is perfect and he thanks Jeff for clearing it out for him. He talks about sitting next to the bee girl from the “No Rain” video. He hopes she is doing well but he was a bit concerned when he saw the interaction with her mom. He also mentions that he was concerned for the 12 year old boy from the Jeremy video. He talks about how prevalent it is nowadays and he wants to make sure that young kids today are unfuckwithable.)

20. Bee Girl
(Ed says we found the Army Sergeant Kyle Johnson. He was apparently in Kentucky. His girlfriend, Amy, surprised him with tickets. Ed says they wanted to get them better seats. So they are placed onstage for the next song Ed. During the instrumental intro Kyle appears to proposes to Amy. Ed serenades them.)
21. Just Breathe
This song is by one of dearest friends and he loved the Yankee’s but his National League team was the Cubs. And this song isn’t about marriage but I am going to dedicate it to Kyle and Amy.
22. I Believe In Miracles-(Ramone, Ray) (Acoustic version)
(this number is an old one and was written during my first year in Seattle. It had snowed which it doesn’t do much in there and it reminded me of being here in the winter and waiting for the El train and worrying about freezing to death. Wishing I had enough money for a cab.)
23. Let Me Sleep
(Ed introduces friend of the band and in particular Mike McCready. A man of incredible courage. Mr. Steve Gleason. Steve comes out and talks about the sacred ground of Wrigley. He notes that Mike and he have been friends for 15 years. This next song is one of my his favorite songs. He quotes the song saying “how we choose to feel is how we are and I feel fucking awesome. Show ‘em boys. Gleason speaks through a box by writing things out in advance or live by typing using eye movement. )
23. Inside Job
(Ed thanks Steve and his family again. He says he was thinking of this story when he thought they might play the next song. He talks about a white German wine and walking around. Looking at the sky and seeing a whole world of possibilities but what were the options?)
24. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) (Ed joins Boom on his riser and plays piano for the outro solo)
25. Interstellar Overdrive-(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright)
26. Corduroy
27. Porch

Encore Break Two
(Ed comes from break and greets the audience. He says “the weather is good and they haven’t kicked us out yet but they will. There are 28 (?) bars within three blocks of this place so I understand if you need to go but we want to keep on rocking.” (quote is approximate as always)
28. Go
29. Black
“Rockford’s Best!”
30. Surrender-(Nielsen)
31. Alive (Ed throws baseballs into the crowd during the solo)
After a short encore Ed comes back out wearing a Cubs jersey. He talks about how music saved their lives. He thanks the City of Chicago for letting them play until 2 am at the last show. He mentions many of the people from the city and the Cubs who had helped out with that. He mentions his favorite player José Cardenal. He talks for awhile about his favorite players growing up. He brings out Ron Santo’s children and he brings out José
32. All The Way (Ed solo acoustic)
33. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend) Jeff appears to be wearing a ski mask with bunny ears.
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7 Covers sind für meinen Geschmack dann doch ein wenig zu viel. Aber sonst ein feines Set. Aber ich denk, da geht noch mehr morgen.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
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Pearl Jam
Wrigley Field
Chicago, IL
August 22, 2016
Show Two

Walk On Music: 8:00. Il Buono, Il Cattivo, Il Brutto (The Good, The Bad And The Ugly)-Ennio Morricone)
Band On Stage: 08:01
Band Off Stage: 11:03

01. Oceans
02. Footsteps
(How is everybody doing up there? We’ve got friends in high places (referring to the upper decks) and then the cheapskates on the rooftops. He tells a story about the first time he ever saw a bong. A couple of unemployed guys hanging out on a roof watching the Cubs wearing jean cut offs with the pockets and possibly more hanging out.)
The next song is for Pat who lost his brother Joey a couple of years ago. “We all know what that feels like. This is for Joey and Pat (approximate)

03. Off He Goes
04. Better Man
(Ed sings the words, “Summer whoa oh oh, Summertime oh”)

05. Corduroy
06. State Of Love And Trust
07. Why Go
08. Animal
(How’s it feeling? Some toasts we make lightly. Like I could toast the guy in the horse head mask. That’s worth a toast. He reminisces about when they were asked to come back and play Wrigley he said he wanted to sleep on it. He had a dream about the Chicago Tribune landing on his doorstop with the headline “Lightning Strikes Twice For Pearl Jam”. He talks about looking at the weather weeks ago and seeing storm weather but the two show days have been beautiful. He dedicates the next song to Joe Madden and his team of heroes.)

09. Given To Fly
10. Immortality (short intro)
(The mighty Matt Cameron right there…Ed points out the brave soul out wearing a White Sox jersey. When the crowd boos Ed says no we are all friends here. I have good friends on the Sox. I root for them when they aren’t playing the Cubs. But this one goes back to the Bulls. It is Black, Red and Yellow.)

11. Black, Red And Yellow (Dennis Rodman comes out and does the spoken word phone call section. Ed-Thank you ninety one!)

12. Deep
13. Jeremy (Ed goes to the barricade to sing the end of the song)
(Ed asks for the lights to come up so he can point out a kid who was singing his brains out and gave Ed his wrist band..”There he is..can you see him?” Ed reads off some of the local charities that are benefiting from ticket purchases for the show. One is the Intonation music program. He also talks about the Teenage Cancer Trust that he, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey work with. Ed also wants to bring attention to Eddie Bocanegra who runs a program called Urban Warriors. While he is discussing it he asks some in the audience to put the beach ball down while he is talking about this. He goes on to mention Abner Garcia who worked with Urban Warriors and was recently killed in a random shooting.
“for all of us that are safe we need to remember that Silence Is Violence. Help is coming but at least appreciate that you are safe…”)

14. I Am Mine
15. Wishlist
16. Of The Earth
17. Lukin (Ed shouts “stop stop stop stop” to interrupt the song and tells a guy to get his “finger out of that women’s face.” The people around the man all point at him as the trouble maker. “Every finger is pointing at you man.” Ed has the guy ejected and the audience sings the “Nananana Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) a song often sung at sporting events. Ed compliments the woman’s male companion for looking out for her and notes she was doing a pretty good job of taking care of herself. He then checks to make sure the woman is okay and the band picks up Lukin where the left off.)

18. Mind Your Manners
19. Rearviewmirror (shortish version)

Encore Break One

(Ed checks on the audience and makes sure they are okay. He says we had a little incident and just wants to check. He says the guy that got tossed reminded him a little of Steve Bartman. He then says, no that guys was worse. I send my love to Steve Bartman. He comments on the flags from all over the world. This one is for the Australians.)

20. Throw Your Arms Around Me-(Archer, Falconer, Howard, Miles, Seymour, Smith, Waters)

(He got a note from Heath and Renada (sp) They are about to get married but one of them just lost their father. They made it to the show and wanted to hear the next song. Ed also notes that it is Layne Staley’s birthday. He would have been 49. “Happy Birthday Layne..”)
21. Man Of The Hour (full band Ed on electric guitar)
22. Last Kiss-(Cochran) (Ed walks along the wings of the stage and gets a beer from an audience member. He chugs the beer while the audience sings the chorus.)
23. Got Some
24. Comatose
25. Even Flow (Mike goes down to the barricade for part of the solo. Ed goes to the barricade and hands the mic to audience members to sing the part after the solo. Ed introduces Mike McCready and Bob, the guy singing in the audience. Stone compliments Bob saying that “of all the people in the audience that sing that song, that was probably the best. Stone also wants to make sure Ed gets a shout out since he never gets introduced. The audience cheers. Stone says Ed has turned the mic over to him. Ed thanks him for singing. “I’ve been trying for a long time.” While they strum a few chords Stone realizes his guitar is in the wrong tuning. He gets a different one and jokes, “I am glad we didn’t start playing because something might have been out of tune.”)
26. Don’t Gimme No Lip
27. Sonic Reducer-(Bators, Blitz, Chrome, Magnum, Thomas, Zero)
28. Blood

Encore Break Two

(Ed wants to send his love to a young girl named Britt that has MS. There is another woman named Megan that was diagnosed with a brain tumor which I know a lot about. She was diagnosed two years ago and had her last round of Chemo today! And it isn’t all bad news, Heidi has beaten breast cancer and she wanted to hear this song.)

29. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
30. Surrender-(Nielsen)
31. Alive
(Ed thanks the audience by referring to them by the bases. He talks about his good friend Ernie Banks. He tells a story about Ernie Banks asking if Ernie could have his childhood mitt. Ed was reticent at first but when Ernie asks..The mitt was recently sent back to him and he is pretty excited and sad about that. He thanks the local and touring crew and some specific people for helping this happen.)

32. All The Way (during the song the video screen shows various Cubs playing, shots of the stadium and streets around it and some Cubs jerseys. Lots of footage. There is a shot of jersey that looks like the Cubs but says Clash.)
33. Time Has Come Today-(The Chambers Brothers) played a verse and chorus then goes into
34. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young) with Ray Cameron and Tim DiJulio (Mike hands Tim his guitar and then goes onto Matt’s riser and plays some toms and sticks)
35. Yellow Ledbetter
36. I’ve Got A Feeling-(Lennon, McCartney)
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Vasall am 23. August 2016 um 12:59
Neun (9) Cover-Versionen... puuh ::)
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: clashcityrocker am 23. August 2016 um 13:58
sehr geiles set! und 9 cover bei 36 Songs, so what.... ;)habe mich heute morgen schon über die Amis geärgert, die deswegen gemeckert haben.
allgemein 4 sehr starke Auftritte  und Sets bei den Boston und Chicago Shows.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Dercheef am 23. August 2016 um 14:52
Also die drei Shows davor waren gut, aber das ist natürlich nochmal ne Klasse besser. Und solange sie nicht Arms Aloft oder PIL spielen hab ich nichts gegen Cover.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Hari25 am 23. August 2016 um 23:14
Heute fallen mir die Covers auch nicht so unangenehm auf. Ich hoffe ja weiterhin auf eine DVD. Diese Show wäre perfekt dafür.
Titel: Re:20. & 22.08.16 - Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL
Beitrag von: Vasall am 24. August 2016 um 22:20
Ist schon ein feines Ding gewesen, ob neun oder null Coversongs dabei waren....

spricht der pure Neid  ;) ;D